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                                                None of these activities have been made by Mr. Ferlazzo.
                                            All these links will take you to websites created by companies,
                             public institutions, or other teachers. Look around their sites when you go to the links.

                         If you have problems sounding out words or sentences in links that do not have audio,
                           then "copy" and "paste" those words or sentences into one of these sites that will
                                                                  "speak" the words to you:
                                                                            Speaks for Itself

                                                                                  Voz Me


 You can also use this website to translate words or passages into your native language: Babel Fish, Oddcast,  World Lingo, Google, MSN Translator or Lingro


Idioms & Analogies
GED Practice

Reading Spelling Word & Video  Games
Grammar SAT Preparation Typing Writing
Listening [Includes music, 
video, news, & conversation
Sentences Vocabulary Other

Idioms & Analogies

Idiom Quizzes
Eye on Idioms
Idiom Drinks
English Eggs
Analogies Contest

Idiom Game
Idioms (Click on blue column)
Animated Idioms
Slang Game 
Chinese Zodiac Game

GED Practice
Steck-Vaughn GED Practice
GED Self-Assessment
4Tests Practice (click "Begin Exam")
Math Practice
Online Spanish Language Materials
GED Prep
GED For Free
GED as Project

English Forum
Grammar Games
Grammar Links
Grammar Connection
Grammar Blast
Even More Grammar & Spelling
ESL Blues
Grammar Quizzes
Verb Tenses
Grammar Quizzes
More Interactive Grammar
Grammar Exercises
Grammar Games
Verb Tenses
English Online
Sink or Swim 
Grammar Check
Writing Practice -- Grammar
Grammar Practice Park
Grammar Activities 
Grammar Quizzes
Grammar Corner
Vocabulary & Grammar
English Quizzes
Grammar Games
English Games
Noun Dunk
Grammar Exercises
Adjective or Adverb?
Grammar Exercises
Verb Tenses
Grammar Exercises
Grammar Exercises
More Grammar
Grammar Connection
The Road to Grammar
English Exercises
Various Exercises
Grammar Game
Grammar Comics
Verb Viper Game
Grammar Quizzes
Grammar Games
Blue Pencil Grammar Exercises
Grammarman Comics
Even More Grammar Exercises
Grammar Glossary
More Grammar Quizzes
Grammar Tests
Grammar Quizzes
Elementary Grammar Games
Pre-Intermediate Grammar Games
Intermediate Grammar Games
Even More Grammar Exercises
Net Grammar 
More Grammar Exercises
Many Exercises
Intermediate Grammar
English Exercises 
Grammar Games
CET Grammar
More Grammar
Grammar Blast
Road To Grammar
Grammar Secrets
Say What Grammar Quizzes 
Easy Grammar Exercises
Newsroom Grammar
Grammar Activities
Grammar Arcade
British Council Grammar Movies

Listening  ( Also see "Music," "Video," and "Audio Conversations" on the "Beginner's" page)
Fun Songs and Stories
Paint Idioms
Listening Activities
TV Commercials
Movie Trailers

"Streets of Laredo"

More Music

Listen and Write
Reading and Dictation

ESL Canada

Current Events


Living English
Making Ice Cream

Story of Leonard

Listening Exercises

Even More Listening Exercises
Listen & Take a Quiz
Language Dialer
Practice Speaking English
Listen & Write
Online Quizzes
Audio Puzzler


Prefix Catch
More Prefixes
Prefix Game

More Prefixes
Prefix Game
Another Prefix Game

Online Reading Exercises
Reading Exercises
Reading Connection
Reading Practice Exercises
Reading Quizzes
Reading Activities
Reading Stories
Reading is Fundamental Games
Read Alouds
Same Difference
Ball Hogs 
Reading Exercises
Classic Books
Awesome Stories

Current Events
More Current Events
Reading Activities
Reading Exercises
Nonfiction Reading
Native American Stories

Voice of America
More Current Events (with Audio)

Many Reading Exercises

More Reading Exercises

Reading Comprehension

Reading Clozes

Reading and Listening

Solar System


The Atmosphere

Race Cars


Science Stories and Experiments

More Science Stories and Experiments

Even More Science Stories and Experiments

On-Line Reading Lab
Robert Frost Poetry

"To Build A Fire"


More Jack London

Web Language Lab (click on story, then "Media," and then "Complete")
Make and Breaks
More Clozes

A Midsummer Night's Dream
Reading Skills 1

Reading Skills 2

Reading Skills 3
Reading Skills 4
Reading Skills 5
Reading Skills 6
Reading Exercises
Audio Literature
This, I Believe
Go English Magazine
Fill-In-The-Gap Exercises
The Greatest Generation
The American Storyteller (click on story, then click on text version)
Ad-Decoder Game
The Key
Action Mazes
It's Your Story
Book Glutton
Learning English With The CBC
Daily English Proverbs
The Girl In The Window
Study Skills

SAT Preparation

SAT Practice
More SAT Practice

Even More SAT Practice

SAT Test Practice
SAT Vocabulary Test
Practice SAT Test
Word Ahead

Scrambled Sentences
More Scrambles
Sentence Scramble


Spelling Games
Spelling Match
Spelling Practice
Mispelled Words
More Spelling Practice
Harder Spelling Practice

Even More Difficult Spelling Practice


Catch the Spelling

Spelling Games

More Mispelled Words
Rudolph Rodeo
Hard Spell Game

Typing (Also see "Computers" on the English Themes page)

Shark Typing
Typing Tutor
Type Me
Typing Bubbles
Typing Lessons
Typing Game -- Barracuda
Typing Game -- Foggies
Typing Game -- Alphabet Rain
Another Typing Game
Typing Game
Dance Mat Typing
More Typing Games
Easy Typing Games
Harder Typing Games
More Typing Lessons and Games
Frog Typing Game
Fleet Commander Typing Game
Sailboat Typing Game
More Typing Lessons
Learn To Type
Typing Games
Qwerty Warriors
Typing Ghosts
Typing Web
Star Wars Typing
Spider Typer
Ninja Hunter
Type For Gold
Ten Fast Fingers


More Vocabulary Exercises
More Vocabulary Exercises
Even More Vocabulary Exercises
Picture Dictionary
Another Test
Vocabulary Quiz
Vocabulary Exercises
Vocabulary Drill
Vocabulary Exercises
Vocabulary Exercises
Vocabulary Jeopardy
More Vocabulary

Advanced Quizzes

Vocabulary Activities
Vocabulary Tests (Scroll Down)
Academic Word List
Color In Motion
More Academic Vocabulary
Vocabulary Tests
ESL Tower Vocabulary
Talking About
Vocabulary Games

Word Games & Video Games

Word Games
Puzzle Choice
More Hangman
Crossword Puzzles
More Exercises
More Word Games
Learning Vocabulary Can Be Fun
Matching Words
More Games
Matching Words
Word Order Game
High School ESL Games
Word Searches Online
Letter Rip Game
Vocabulary Games and Puzzles
Learning Vocabulary Can Be Fun
Game Goo
Various games
Game Zone
Even More Word Games
Vocabulary Games
Flip a Chip
 Stay Afloat Hangman
Word Turtle
Words in a Bag
Wild, Wild Words
Word Up
Word Search
Text Twist
Scrabble Blast
Word Games
Fact Monster
Ball Hogs
Word Power
FunBrain Words
Webster Word Games
Synonym City
Thesaurus Tangle
Topic Tangle
Word Games
Word Games
FunBrain Words
More Word Games
Many Games
Word Wise
Many Games
Word Power
Word Power
Wall of Words
Word Cube Game
Word Games
Word Games
Word Power Game
Scrabble Game
Letter Rip Game
Thesaurus Tangle
Fowl Words
More Fowl Words
Topic Tangle
Antonym Challenge
Synonym Challenge
 Word Hunt
Bitesize English
Bitesize Bingo

Go For English
Word Winds

Chutes and Lifts Game

Speed Word

Many Games

More Word Games
Many More Word Games

Word Spy

Word Build
Two-Person Games

Word Search
Vocabulary Coach
British Council Word Games

Word Snaps
8 Letters
Multipop Word
Guess the Google
Street of Dreams
Paradise Island
Word Sandwich
Word Pads
News Match Game
Word Roundup
Beat The Clock
Senses Challenge
Free Rice
Scrabble Blast
Herd A Word
Crossword Puzzles
Word Connect
Gut Instinct
Play Box With Letters On
Crossword Puzzles
More Crossword Puzzles
Word Shake
Phrasals For Fun
Word Delicious
Word Vine
Rain Words
Our Hearts Are In The Right Places
Webster's Word Games
Mia Cadaver's Tombstone Timeout
Fit Brains Games
Secret Files
Gut Instinct
Word Scramble
Get The Pic? Sure!
Hidden Word
Whack Attack

The Online Video Games that have a * next to them are not blocked by Sacramento City Unified School District Internet filters:

Virtual Villagers (use Walkthrough)
Virtual Villagers 2 (use Walkthrough)
Cake Mania
The Goat in the Grey Fedora Game (use Walkthrough)
A Case of the Crabs (use Walkthrough)
Brain Hotel (use Walkthrough)
Sancho's Island  (use walkthrough)*
The Stone of Anamara * (use walkthrough)
Hewitt (use Walkthrough) *
Fish Tycoon
What Was There?
Dots and Diamond (use Walkthrough) *
Hide and Secret
Mystery Case Files -- Ravenhearst
Hidden Expedition -- Titanic
Mystery Case Files -- Prime Suspects
Mystery Case Files -- Huntsville *
Madame Fate
Dream-Day Wedding
Paparazzi (use Walkthrough)
Law and Order *
Ghost Motel
Move or Die *
Ambition 1 *
Coorp Game (use Walkthrough)*
Stage 07 (use walkthrough) *
Student Survivor *
Mr. Reach *
Agent Scarecrow
The Mysterious Anno Chest (use Walkthrough)
Cool Flame *
Peasant's Quest (best played in pairs with a "walkthrough")
Mystery of the Castle *
Energy Adventure *
Eridanus Quest *
Cedy's World (first click on "Games," the joystick, and then on "Action and Strategy") *
Delilah and Julius *
The Adventure of Nestor *
Library Mystery *
Detective Hearst *
The Big Escape *
Perfect Summit
Pursuit (Trapped 2) 
The Waitress
Leon and The Magic Sturgeon
Leon and The Terracotta Murders
Mesiria Chapter 3
Inanimate Alice *
Who Killed Roland Johnson? (Use Walkthrough) *
Loose the Moose (best played in pairs with a "walkthrough") *
The Bonte Room (best played in pairs with a "walkthrough") *
The Bonte Room 2 (best played in pairs with a "walkthrough") *
Candy and Clyde
Mystic Hunter (best played in pairs with a "walkthrough")
Something Amiss (best played in pairs with a "walkthrough"; Here's another walkthrough) *
Something Amiss Chapter Two (best played in pairs with a "walkthrough"; Here's another Walkthrough) *
Something Amiss Chapter Three (use Walkthrough)
Airport Security
RePlay Game *
A Fistful of Revenge
Darkness Episode 1 (use Walkthrough) *
Last Half of Darkness
Jinx Episode 1 (best played in pairs with a "walkthrough") *
Jinx Episode 2 *
Mystery of the Hidden Mine *
Bake A Cake
An Average Day At School
Text Adventures
Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy (use "Game Hints")
Zork Text Adventure (use "Walkthrough")
Explore Text Adventures
Student Survivor
Nephi's Adventure (use Walkthrough)
Princess Natasha (use Walkthrough)*
Gateway (use walkthrough, if necessary)
Gateway 2 (use walkthrough, if necessary)
Menu Mayhem
The Big Scan
The Passenger *
Esklavos 2 (written text in English; audio in Spanish; use Walkthrough ) *
Esklavos 3 *
Esklavos 4  (use Walkthrough) *
Esklavos 5 (use Walkthrough) *
Esklavos 6 (use Walkthrough)*
Esklavos 7 (use Walkthrough)*
Esklavos 8 (use Walkthrough) *
Esklavos 9 (use Walkthrough) *
Esklavos 10  (use Walkthrough)*
Esklavos 11 (use Walkthrough) *
Esklavos 12 (use Walkthrough) *
Esklavos 13 (use Walkthrough) *
Esklavos 14 (use Walkthrough)*
Esklavos 15 (use Walkthrough)*
Esklavos 16
Esklavos 17 (use Walkthrough)
Phantasy Quest (use "walkthrough" Here's another walkthrough, too.) *
Detective Grimoire (use Walkthrough )
Granny in Paradise (play Tutorial)
The Negotiator (click "subtitles on")
The Adventure of Mr. Tumpkins (use "Walkthrough ") *
Vision Museum (use Walkthrough ) *
Beach Hunt (use Walkthrough)
Travelogue  *(use Walkthrough)
Death On The Nile
Kafkamesto (use walkthrough) *
Sneaky Land (Walkthrough 1 and Walkthrough 2) *
Sneaky Land 3 (use Walkthrough) *
Sneaky Land 4 *
Super Sneaky Spy Guy 2 (use Walkthrough) *
Super Sneaky Spy Guy 3 (use Walkthrough) *
Super Sneaky Spy Guy 5 (use Walkthrough) *
Super Sneaky Spy Guy 6 (use Walkthrough) *
Super Sneaky Spy Guy 8 (use walkthrough) *
Super Sneaky Spy Guy 9 (use a walkthrough) *
Super Sneaky Spy Guy 10 (use a walkthrough) *
Super Sneaky Spy Guy 11 (use Walkthrough) *
Super Sneaky Spy Guy 12 (use Walkthrough) *
Super Sneaky Spy Guy 13 (use Walkthrough) *
Super Sneaky Spy Guy 14 (use Walkthrough) *
Super Sneaky Spy Guy 15 (use Walkthrough) *
Super Sneaky Spy-Guy 16 (Walkthrough for First Level; Walkthrough for Second Level) *
Super Sneaky Spy Guy 17 (Use Walkthrough) *
Super Sneaky Spy Guy Deja Vu (use Walkthrough) *
Super Sneaky Spy Guy Illusions (use Walkthrough) *
Super Sneaky Spy Guy -- 10 Rooms (use Walkthrough)

Escape One Simple Room (use Walkthrough) *
La Luna Hotel (use Walkthrough) *
Milko Game (use Walkthrough)*
Last Minute (use Walkthrough)*
Gina Lash (use walkthrough)*
Gorax 1 (use walkthrough) *
Gorax 2 (use Walkthrough) *
Roderick The Brave (use Walkthrough)
Enter The House (use Walkthrough)
Flower (use walkthrough) *
Lost In Forest *(use Walkthrough)
Escape From Hotel Room (use Walkthrough) *
Revenge For Sonia (use Walkthrough)*
Become Safety Ready (use Walkthrough) *
Mystic Hunter (use Walkthrough)
Escape The Closet (use Walkthrough)
Escape The Car (use Walkthrough)
Terrific Menace *
Island Quest
Daymare Town (use walkthrough)
Arcane Adventures (use Walkthroughs)
Alfie's North Pole Adventure *
Ambition 1 *
Ambition 2 *
Ambition 3 *
Ambition 4 *
Ambition 5 *
Ambition 6
Ambition 7
Ambition 8
Ambition 10 *
Nigepico 1.2 (use Walkthrough)
Catch A Crab 2
The Ostrich
Defender of the Crown
8 Days (use Walkthrough) *
The Office (use Walkthrough) *
The Museum (use Walkthrough) *
My Diamond Baby (use Walkthrough)
Escape From Hartwell (use Walkthrough)
Oliver's Adventure's: Rescue Jorge (use walkthrough)
Oliver's Adventure: Part Two (use Walkthrough)
Attic Escape (use Walkthrough)
Big City Adventure- San Francisco
Mr. Codcheeks and the Haunted House

Little Knowledge Quiz *
Library Game (username "Fall2007"; password "Fletcher")
Using a Library
Alien In the Room Reloaded (use Walkthrough)
Operation Youth Club
Muselock (use Walkthrough)
Strawberry Tomato (use Walkthrough)
Escape The Room (use Walkthrough)
Room Escape3 2 (use Walkthrough)
Hidden Expedition Everest
Milki W (use Walkthrough for Levels 1 & 2)
Sail Safe
Escape The Phone Booth (use Walkthrough)
Trick or Treat
Mind Habits
Cube Core (use Walkthrough)
Geoffrey's Quest
Stick RPG (view Tutorial)
3rd World Farmer (view Tutorial)
Bon Voyage (use Walkthrough. Here's another Walkthrough)
20 Questions Game
Word Breaker
Different Crossword Game
KOL Fun Wordz
The Great Escape
Life or Death Game
Dog House 
Big Escape 
Big Escape 2
Thule Trail 
Job Pico (use Walkthrough)
Fancy Pants Adventure 2
Polleke's Garden Escape (use Walkthrough)
HASSE (use Walkthrough)
The Great Kitchen Escape (use Walkthrough)
Out West (use Walkthrough)
Dream Escape (use Walkthrough)
The Daydream (use Walkthrough)
Escape The Haunted Mansion (use Walkthrough) *
A Bark In The Dark (use Walkthrough)
Sweet Valentine Game
Travelogue Paris
Questionaut (use Walkthrough) *
Reach Out Central
The Final Spell (use Walkthrough) *
E-Scape (use Walkthrough)
Niki's Adventures
Space Station Tokio (use Walkthrough)
The Big House (use Walkthrough) *
Get Lost
An Eye For Detail
Plant Tycoon
Several Journeys of Reemus (use Walkthrough)
Several Journeys Of Reemus Part Two (use Walkthrough.  Here's another Walkthrough)
Goldburger To Go (use Walkthrough)
The Border
Never Question Tomorrow
Destination Impossible Game
9:05 (use Walkthrough)
The Story of Edward Spencer (use Walkthrough)
Several Journeys of Reemus Prologue (use Walkthrough)
Several Journeys Of Reemus 1 (use Walkthrough)
Escape From The Daydream (use Walkthrough)
Peetnik Mysteries
Charlie Bone
T2B Escape Game  (use this Walkthrough or this Walkthrough) *
Black and White Room Escape (use Walkthrough) *
Final Selection (use Walkthrough)
Tipping Point (use Walkthrough) *
Lost Memory (use Walkthrough)
The Ballad of Ketinetto (use Walkthrough)
The Ballad of Ketinetto 2 (use Walkthrough)
Stone Age Sam (use Walkthrough)
Inquisitive Dave (use Walkthrough)
Mr. Coo (use Walkthrough)
Polleke's Blue Room (use Walkthrough)
Night At The Museum
Monster Basement (use Walkthrough. Here's another Walkthrough)
Going To Sleep -- be sure to click on "English" (use Walkthrough)
State Of Debate
Post Traumatism
P Sensor (use Walkthrough)Here's another walkthrough.
Pizza Quest
Remote Escape (use Walkthrough)
Heifer Village Nepal
House (use Walkthrough)
Living Room Escape (use Walkthrough)
Office Room Escape (use Walkthrough)
Gatuno In Halloween (use Walkthrough)
Samantha Swift
Chemistry Lab Escape (use Walkthrough)
Classroom Escape (use Walkthrough)
Student Survivor
Sophiphobia (use Walkthrough)
Life or Death: In The Jungle
Life Or Death: Lost At Sea
Operation Theater Escape (see Walkthrough)
Big Escape 3
Hotel Escape (use Walkthrough)
The Scruffs
Draw My Thing
Gatuno In Christmas (use this Walkthrough or this one)
Seat At The Table
The Dream Machine Game (use Walkthrough)
Crucial Crew
Frontier Alaska

Create a Comic
Wacky Web Tales
Instant Story Recipe
Write a Tall Tale
Write a Fairytale
Paragraph Punch
Sequencing Exercises
Power Proofreading
Write a Poem
Animal Study
Doodle Splash
Letter Generator
Wacky Web Tales
Writing Activities
Proofreading Game
Look, Cover, Write & Check
Write Poetry

Punctuation Game
Sentence Scramble

Many Exercises

Interesting things for ESL Students
Quiz Center
Interesting Things
More ESL Activities
  There or Their Quiz
Many Games
EFL Club
Action Mazes
More Games
Quiz Center
Passport Online
ESL Quizzes
English Zone

Soccer Game
English Games
One-Stop English
More English Activities
ESL Bears
More Activities
More Quizzes
Punctuation Paintball
English Quizzes
More Exercises
Snakes and Ladders
English Isn't Boring
Power Proofreading Game
Make a Movie
Many Online Activities
More Exercises
English 4 U
Sports Games
Fairground Games
Blind Date
Cindy's Bad Dream
Cindy's Second Bad Dream
Cindy's Third Bad Dream
Cindy's Fourth Bad Dream
Even More Bad Dreams
Escape From Rock Island
Escape From Rock Island #2
Escape From Rock Island #3
Refrigerator Game
Refrigerator Game #2
Refrigerator Game #3
Travel Time Game
English Zone
Better English
Balloon Challenge
Space Game
English Exercises
Various Activities
Student Activities
English Page
Various Activities
Games & Exercises
Movie Exercises
Million Bananas Game
The English Specialist
English Lessons
More English Lessons
Headway Beginner
Headway Elementary
Headway Pre-Intermediate
Headway Intermediate
Headway Upper Intermediate
Headway Advanced
English Exercises
English Works
The Study Zone
Wake-Up English (go to Daily Games)
I Know that

High School Hub
High School English Games
Mystery Games 
New Games
English Forum 
More Exercises
More Game Zone
Even More Exercises
Many Exercises
Talk with a Robot
Even More Exercises
English File Activities
Bitesize English
English Exercises (especially go to "Storybuilding")
Literary Elements Game
Computer Lab Favorites

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