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Student American History Reports
Student Favorites 



Student Movies ( Make a MovieYou can also make another movie here. You can make a movie here, too.  Make another movie here . You can make another fun movie hereBlinkbox . Junior Net. Kerpoof.
"A Woman and a Man" by Yang Mee Her
"Love" by See Lor
"I Want to Know You" by Te Chang
"A Monkey and a Girl" by Yong Chang
"Happy Birthday" by Lia Vang
"My Bear Boyfriend" by Lou Her
"In Love" by Na Lee Chang
"Chat in the Internet" by Jong Her
"Snowman" by Xeng Her
"My Best Friend" by Kao Her
"Pa Yanmg" by Bao Thao
"I Love at Night" by Ka Her
"Black Eyes Movie" by Xiong Thao
"The Love Boat" by Walter Lopez
"A Greeting" by Reyna Cruz
"Meet Someone" by Fong
"Happy Christmas" by Mai Teng Chang
"Untitled" by Marco Segura
"Holiday" by Ge Chang
"Email"  by Kao Her (boy)
"Full in Love" by Bee Thao
"Full in Love" by Chee Vang
"Love #20" by Ge Chang
"Fun Party" by Tou Pao Yang
"Miss a New Friend" by Tou Pao Yang
"In Love" by Choua Lee
"Yeti Is Not Bad" by Choua Lee


Student Songs and Lyrics. You can also make a song hereSingshot or Sims on Stage. KSolo. Notessimo. Sound Factory Game (WalkthroughBreak In The RoadJamStudioSoundbadge. Let Them Sing It For YouCollisionsHoliday Rock StarRap Happy. This Is My Jam. ToneMineKaraoke PlaySinging Telegrams.


Student Maps ( Make a Map; You can also make a map here )   You can make another map here .  You can create one more map here . You can make a maphere, too. Here's another place to make a map. Make a map here .  Make another map here (go to "My Maps").  Make one here . Map My Ride .QuikMaps . Community WalkMap Skip. Tiny Map. ZeeNaps. Click2Map.
Four Places Alan Yang Wants to Visit


Student Web Pages (You can also make a web page here) You can make another webpage here. You can make a webpage here, too. You can use Demofuse to create a tour of your page.  Freewebs .


Student Poetry (Write a Poem;)



Student Refrigerator Magnet Messages (Write a Fridge Message)


Student E-Cards
You can send an "animated greeting here
You can send an art E-Card hereYou can send an E-Card from Great Britain here. Send a Christmas
E-Card here.  Send another Christmas E-Card here.  Send a Halloween E-Card here.  Send another
Halloween E-Card here.  You can send E-Cards that have been
designed by children here.  Send a cartoon E-Card here.  Send a Movie E-Card here.  Send even more
E-Cards here.  More E-Cards can be sent from here.    Send a Brainquest
E-Card here.  Send an animated E-Card here.  Send an E-Card from San Francisco here.  Send an E-Card
from Yosemite here.  Send a Garden E-Card here.  Send a Fish E-Card here.  Send an E-Card about American History here.  Send a World War II E-Card here.  Send a Geography E-Card and many other kinds of E-Cards
here.    Create and send E-Cards here.  Send many more E-Cards
here.  Send an E-Card from Hawaii here.  Send E-Cards here.  Send a Native American E-Card with music here. Send more E-Cards here.  Send a Christmas Carol E-Card here.  Create and Send a Flower E-Card here. Send a History E-Card here.  Send another History E-Card here. Send a Science E-Card here.  Send an E-Card from Tennessee here.  Send an E-Card from Thailand, Laos, and other Southeast Asian countries here.  Send an African-American History E-Card here.  Send another Halloween E-Card here. Send an E-Card about the History of airplanes here.  Send another E-Card from Great Britain here. Send more E-Cards here. Send an E-Card from Pompeii here.     Send a musical Holiday greeting here.
Create one more Christmas card here. Send a doggie Christmas card here
Send a History E-Card here. Send many different kinds of E-Cards here. Send another Christmas card here.
Send a Valentine's Day card here.  Send another Valentines Day card here. Send a Doggie Valentine's Day card here. Send virtual flowers here. Send an Animal or Nature card here.   Send an animal E-Card here. Send more E-Cards here. Send a Dinosaur E-Card hereQueekyMapMSG. Maxtango . SprintSweets. Send a Penguin Message.    Send Dude Mail. Send a Halloween Email.  Send a Map eCard. Nations Illustrated .  Send a Dancing Santa ClausSea France Christmas Card .    Send a Snow Flake .    "Tricked-Out Mouse." . PostalZ. Munk Yourself. Get Irish Now. Photo Notes.  Send a Virtual Birthday CakeMy Great World. Salvador Dali eCards.



Nalee Chang
Chee Vang
Ka Her
Kao Her girl

Kao Her boy
Bee Thao
Jong Her
Ge Chang
Yang Mee Her
See Lor
Kao Her boy
Xiong Thao
Tou Pao Yang


Yong Chang
Yong Chang




Student Comic Strips (Make a Comic Strip) Note that you can make twelve different comic strips.  Pick one from the "drop down" window.   You can also make a comic strip here. You can make your own Captain Underpants comic here.
You can make another comic strip here.  Make another comic strip here.   Make one more here .   ToonletComiqs . Pixton . BitStrips .PikiKidsSam and Max .


Student Crossword Puzzles (Make a Crossword Puzzle; you can also create
one here)


Student Cartoons with Text (Make a Cartoon -- You must use words along with
Make another cartoon here. Make a video cartoon here.  Try Graphica.


Student Television Shows (Create a TV Show)


Student History Video (Make a Video or Make a Slide Show About the Civil War).  You can also make
a history movie here, but you need a password from Mr. Ferlazzo).


Student Tests ( Create a Test; See Mr. Ferlazzo for password; you can also
create one here). You can make another quiz here, too. Create Tests at ProProfs . Try SMILE . Try Xplanaquiz. Nerd Tests. Philologus.


Student Neighborhood Maps (Create a Neighborhood Map; See Mr. Ferlazzo for password) ZipSkinny . Crime Mapper. Hotpads. Walk Score. Google Transit. Rentometer. Sacramento Bee DatabasesZip Code Census DashboardHousing Maps. SquidZipper. Spot Crime. Zilpy. Policy Map. Claritas. My New PlaceWatchdog. GeowalkMapdango. Rent Bits. Smart Growth Game. Yahoo Real EstateTruliaRent Rent. ICityData. My Apartment Map. Risky Roads. Finding Water Polluters. Find My Crowd.



Student "Backyard Paradises" (Create Your Own "Backyard Paradise)
Choua Lee
Pa Yang
Na Lee Chang
Xeng Her
Yang Mee Her
Jong Her
See Lor
Ka Her


Student "Quiz-Grams" (Send a Quiz-Gram)


Student Virtual Talking Robots (Make a Talking Robot; See Mr. Ferlazzo for password)  See an example of a Talking Robot here  


Student Recorded Books (Record a Book)


Student History Slide-Show (Make a Slide-Show) See Mr. Ferlazzo for password. Digital Vaults.
Pa Lee Moua
Houa Moua
More Yang
Pao Her
Na Lee Chang
Oscar Madrigal
Giang Nguyen
Lee Yang
Magdalena Laureles
Giang Nguyen
Leng Thao
Pa Ka Vang
Tou Yang
Vi Chai Xiong
Toua Her
Vong Chang
Alma Valentin
Veronika Kurudimova
Nayeli Becerril
Tou Chia Vue
Yer Moua


Student Art Collection (Make an Art Collection)  You can also create an art collection here. You can create an art collection here , too.  You make an art collection here . You can create a collection of Egyptian art here . Collection X. My Gallery. Detroit Institute of Arts. Philadelphia Museum of Art. My Collection.


Student Virtual Host (Create a Virtual Host) Create another virtual host here. Here, too.


Student Monkey E-Mails (Send a Monkey E-Mail)


Student Sports Fan Messages (Create a Sports Fan Message) Click on "Post a Message; See Mr. Ferlazzo for password


Student Talking Egg-A-Gram (Create an Egg-A-Gram)

Student Elvis Presley Talking Messages (Create an Elvis Message)


Student Inventions (Invent Something!)


Student Paintings (Create a Painting and Give It a Title) Create another painting here and be sure to include words. FlashPaint.


Student "Picture Sentences" (Create a Picture Sentence)


Student Stories (Write a Story)  Tell another story here. Create a Christmas story hereFive Flickr Story.


Student Slide-Shows (Make a Slide-Show) See Mr. Ferlazzo for password. You can make another slide show here.You can make even another slide-show here.   You can make a slide-showhere, too. Here's another one.  Here, too.  Make one here . Here's one more. Here'sanother one. Slide. Voice Thread Fliptrack. Slidez. ImageLoop. Vuvox. PreZentitGoogle Docs Slide ShowOne True Media.  Show Beyond. Smile SlideshowPhoto Show .  Zoho ShowMixbook . PhotobucketVoice Thread (login)MagtooDigital VaultsSplashcast. Rock You. Cueprompter (to help with audio slideshows)  My Plick.  
Student Community Organizing


Student Timelines  Make a timeline here. Make one here, too. Xtimeline . Magic Studio .   DipityTime Tube .Time Toast.  Mnemograph. Life Haps. TimeRime.


Student Mystery Messages (Send a Mystery Message)


Student Houses (Design a House) Paint a house here .   My Abodo .


Student Flash Cards (Create Flash Cards) See Mr. Ferlazzo for password. You can also make flashcards here. Make more cards here.  Make cards here., too. Here, too. Create Flash Cards at ProProfs . Go to Quigli . Cue FlashFlashcards DB . Flashcard Friends .


Student Posters (Make a Poster) See Mr. Ferlazzo for password


Student Historic Tales (Make a Historic Tale) Make another story on a Medieval Tapestry here.


Student TV Commercials (Make a Commercial)


Student Cities (Create a City) See Mr. Ferlazzo for password  Create a Virtual Village .
Xeng Her
Choua Vang
Mai Tong
Yia Her
Giang Nguyen
Jorge Rosas
More Yang
Yer Moua
Magdalena Laureles
Jee Chang
Veronika Kurudimova
Nayeli Becerril
Tou Chia Vue
Oscar Madrigal
Ma Chang
Vong Chang


Student Signs (Create a Sign)  Create another sign here.  Make another sign here.  Make a restaurant sign here. Glass Giant
Make another restaurant sign here.   Make a yield sign here.   Make a stop sign here.    Make a billboard here.    Here, too.


Student Flags (Write a Message with a Flag)


Student Fortune Cookie Messages (Write a Fortune Cookie Message)


Student Messages from the Boss (Send a Message From the Boss) Please do not include your phone number
in the message.


Student Talking Postcard (Send a Talking Postcard)



Student Pirate Talking Messages (Send a Talking Message from a Pirate)



Student Collaborative Stories (Write Part of a Collaborative Story) See Mr. Ferlazzo for Password.You can illustrate your sentence by making a drawing, painting a picture, creating an animation, or by turning what you have written into a"picture sentence."  You can also make another drawing here.  You can also write and draw a collaborative story here. You can write another one here, here, here, and here .   Here's one more way.   . Scriblink. Skrbl   You can draw a picture here at Offtype.

Each sentence has been written by a different student in these stories.  You will see a painting illustrating each sentence by clicking on the student's name.

                                                                               The Big Bear

   The big bear was very hungry and wanted to eat Kao's papaya salad. (Mr. Ferlazzo). The big bear liked to eat papaya salad because it was good. (kao her boy). The big bear was eating the papaya salad because Mr.Ferlazzo stole from the bear and the papaya salad was very good good good good.! (kou vang). Mr. Ferlazzo could smell the papaya salad anywhere. (kao her girl). When Mr.Ferlazzo got the papaya salad from the big bear he was very happy and he liked the papaya salad very hot. (lou her). After Mr.Ferlazzo finished eating the papaya salad he was very happy but the big bear was very angry. (ka her). The big bear chased Mr.Ferlazzo around.(ge chang). Mr. Ferlazzo was screaming for help. (xeng her). Then Mr. Ferlazzo went and climbed the tree. (yang mee). The big bear saw Kao boy and started chasing Kao boy. (jong her). Kao boy climbed the tree next to Mr. Ferlazzo. (yong chang ). They both were scared of the big bear.(see lor ). The big bear got tired and fell asleep. (bee thao). Bee kicked a rock and hit the big bear in the head. (chee vang ). The big bear felt the rock hit him and chased Bee into the water.(choua lee). The big bear went to find food for himself.(nalee chang). Mr. Ferlazzo and Kao boy went to meet Bee.( mai teng chang). Mr. Ferlazzo, Kao boy and Bee went  to get the big bear. (lia vang) The big bear ate Mr. Ferlazzo, Kao boy and Bee (Mr. Ferlazzo)


                                                                                 The Big Tiger

     Once upon a time a big tiger was hunting in the jungle (Walter Lopez).The tiger saw a man who was handsome and his name was Marco (Marco Segura ). He saw the tiger and he ran away from tiger (Te Chang). When the tiger saw him run away, the tiger's getting angry, then the tiger followed him (Gi Chang ). The two are kissing (Tou Pao Yang). The two are cooking and they are eating (Xiong Thao ). They are happy (Kia Fong). The tiger have fun, and they are happy (Xeng Her). The tiger was eating tamales and he didn't give some too Marco (Reyna Cruz). And Marco cry (Ingrid Morales). For the tiger the tamales is the food more good of the forest (Jose Robles ). The End. 


Student Graphic Organizers (Make a Graphic Organizer) See Mr. Ferlazzo for Password



Student Animations (Create an Animation) Make another animation here.



Student Digital Stories (Create a Digital Story) You can also create one here.



Student Journals ( Create a Student Journal) You can also create a journal here. You can create one hereJottit. ClutterMeNote that inappropriate comments are removed by Mr. Ferlazzo and Ms. Bainbridge. You may design a picture and write a story
about it here, email it to Mr. Ferlazzo or Ms. Bainbridge, and then we will post it in your journal. You will need to get a password from Mr. Ferlazzo.



Student Bookmarks (Create a List of Bookmarks) These are lists of each student's favorite links from Mr. Ferlazzo's website.     You can also make a list here .  You can also make alist here . Make another list here. You could make a list here .  Make a list here .    Go to Fleck . Go to Protonotes . Only2Clicks .Quickie Clicks . Web2Wave Hylighter . Tizmos



Student Talking Animal Messages (Make a Talking Dog Message


Student Surveys (Create A Survey) You can create another poll here. You can also create one here. You make one here, too. Making another one here . Make one more here . Create another one here . Here, too.   One more -- Survey MonkeySodahead . Tapoll. BuzzDash. All Face-Off. Quizium. Forecast. Zoomerang. 99 Polls . MicroPoll . Kwik

Student Presentations (Create a PresentationTribbit


Student Photos & Photo Books (Make a Photo Book) FotoFlexer. Captioner. Magic Studio. Caption BubbleLunaPicBe Funky -- Write a Caption. Comiqs . Lynchr. Simple Bucket. Pic-Lits. Caption Bubble.
Pa Yang
Bao Thao
Na Lee Chang
Ge Chang
Chee Vang
Bee Thao
Choua Lee
Lou Her
Yang Mee Her
Xeng Her
Lia Vang
Kao Her (boy)
Kou Vang
See Lor


Lee Poeng   Causes and Effects
Language by Chue Lee   Causes and Effects
Drugs by PaoChoua   Causes and Effects
Jobs by Yulia
Gangs by Jonathan    Causes and Effects
English Language by Jongsika   Causes and Effects
Jobs by Yulia
Violence by Juan   Causes and Effects
Soccer Fights by Meng    Causes and Effects
Money by Ka Sia   Causes and Effects
Gangs by Jonathan
No Money by Nhia   Causes and Effects
Jobs by Chao Yang    Causes and Effects
No Money by Houa   Causes and Effects
Too Many Car Accidents by Hlee   Causes and Effects
Homeless by Xeng Her   Causes and Effects
Money by Pa   Causes and Effects
Transportation by Calynda    Causes and Effects
CAHSEE by MingZu
Fighting by Mai
Pollution by Maria
Homeless by Mai
Pollution in Sacramento by Maria
Jobs by Kia Lor    Causes and Effects
Not Good Education by Pa Mee   Causes and Effects
Sad by Xeng   Causes and Effects
CAHSEE by Chai    Causes and Effects of Not Passing the CAHSEE by Chai
Car Accident by Bao    Causes and Consequences
Crime in Sacramento by Karina
Causes and Effects by Long Lor
Causes and Effects of Not Having Money by May
Causes and Effects of CAHSEE by Tia 
Causes and Effects by Chao


Tou Chia
Chue Her


Student Videos (Make a Video) Make another video here. You can make a video here, too. Here's another place you can make a video.   Here, too. And here's another one.  Here , too.  Try Scenemaker . Make a Star Wars video. Try JumpcutAsterpix . Kaltura . Overstream subtitles. Graspr .


Student "Noisy" Paintings (Make a "Noisy" Painting)


Student Solar Systems (Make a Solar System)


Student Talking Race Car Drivers (Make a Talking Race Car Driver) Create another car driver here.


Student Rooms (Design Your Room) Please paste the url into your Journal and describe it. DesignMyRoomArrange A Room .


Student Dancing Person (Create a Dancing Person) Please paste the url into your Journal and describe it.


Student Talking Stories ( Write a Talking Story) Please paste the url into your Journal.  Spoken Text .
A Father and His Sons (example)
Walter Lopez
Mishiko Langinbelik
Atotak Atti 
Maria Prieto
Tou Pao
Xiong Thao
Ge Chang
See Lor
Bee Thao
Ka Her
Kao Her (girl)
Vang Thao
Lou Her
Chee Vang
Mai Teng Chang
Yang Mee Her
Jong Her
Xeng Her


Student Voice Messages (Create a Voice Message)  Create another voice message here. Or here. Or here. Vocaroo.


Student Vocabulary Pages (Create a Vocabulary Page)


Student Word Searches (Create a Word Search)


Student Creatures (Create a Creature)


Student Cyber Twins (Create Your Cyber Twin)


Student Flipbooks (Make a Flipbook)


Student Talking Books (Make a Talking Book)



Student Trips (Plan a Trip) Plan a trip here, too. Here's another place to plan a trip.Nile GuideTripcart . Planet Eye.


Student Books (Write a BookTikatok   .


Student Baby Messages (Write a Baby Message )


Student Middle Ages Characters (Create a Character from the Middle Ages )


Student Video Games (Create a Video Game ) Please only play games made by other students in class, and write your comments about each one.  Try Launchpad . KickplayFyrebugWhat 2 Learn .



Student Gardens (Create a Garden)


Student Birthday Cakes (Make a Birthday Cake) Ice-Cream Cake Creator


Student Talking Otters (Create a Talking Otter)


Student Screencasts (Create a Screencast)


Student Floorplans (Create a Floorplan) Make one here at Gliffy, too. My Designin .   My Deco .


Student Serenades (Create a Serenade)


Student "Arkives" (Create an "Arkive")

Student Vitamin Water Commercials (Create a Commercial)


Student Shark Videos (Make a Shark Video)



Student Music Videos (Make a Music Video)  Use Animoto.


Student Faces (Create a Face with Mr. Picassohead). Make a "Fruit Face" with Taste For Health (Click on "Let's Play" at the bottom right of the screen)


Student Drawings (Draw With Etch-A-Sketch) Sketchfu. My Drawings.


Student Paper Critters (Create a Paper Critter)


Student Improv-a-grams (Send an Improv-a-gram)


Student Coats of Arms (Design a Coat of Arms)


Student Train Messages (Send a Train Message)


Student Feelings (Write About How You Feel)


Student Ribbons (Create a Ribbon)


Student Trading Cards (Create a Trading Card)


Student Messages From Bob Dylan (Create A Bob Dylan Message)


Student Sketches


Student Talking Pictures (Create a Talking Picture with Blabberize) SmashMashTV. Qlipboard.


Student Moods (Create a Mood)


Student Biographies (Create A Student Biography)


Student Wildlife Films (Create a Wildlife Film)


Student Bollywood Movies (Create a Bollywood Movie)

Student Fashions (Create An Outfit)


Student Webquests (Daft Doggy)


Student Picture Data Sets (Visualize Us)


Student Time Pods (Create a Time Pod)


Student Goals (eLifeList or Life Tango)


Student Weather (Predict the Weather with


Student Audio Messages (Houndbite) Daft Doggy. Outshouts. Vaestro. Vocaroo.


Student Free Riders (Create a Free Rider)


Student Resumes (Emurse)


Student MindMaps (Mind42)


Student Geography Riddles (PlaceSpotting)


Student History Exhibits (Create an Object of History)

Student Hangman Games (Create a Hangman Game)


Student American History Reports (Create an American History Report)
Short Sample Report on Civil War

Student Favorites
Ying H.
Mai Yia


















































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